Create Prospect When Email is Added in Salesforce

Today we are releasing a highly-requested update from our Idea Exchange! Now, our Salesforce connector will automatically create prospects in Pardot if an email address is added to an existing lead or contact record in Salesforce, saving you time that might have been spent making manual imports and exports.

If you have enabled the setting to “automatically create prospects in Pardot if they are created as a lead or contact in Salesforce” (see screenshot below), then you will automatically gain this new functionality.


Note: This update will not be retroactive.

Read more about how email changes in Salesforce sync with Pardot here.


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6 thoughts on “Create Prospect When Email is Added in Salesforce

  • This is such a significant improvement! It’s especially great for those companies who are transitioning between a sales-led approach where reps cared more about phone numbers to a marketing automation approach where email address is everything. Thanks for making this happen!

  • This is also huge for users who might be appending directly into Sales Cloud.

  • Thank you! We previously had to create triggers on Lead and Contact and call the Pardot API to achieve this functionality.

  • Thanks Adam & Pardot team, this will certainly save lot of time, and result in complete automation.

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