Changes to How Email Opens Are Calculated

We wanted to let you know about an exciting new improvement to our email reporting that we have just implemented.

Previously, because of the way that email opens are measured, it’s possible that some opens are never recorded. Pardot records opens by placing a tiny transparent tracking image inside all emails. When that image is loaded, we know that the prospect has opened the email. This method works really well and is one of the only ways to get a count of who is opening your email. However, there could be times when a prospect did open your email and click a link, but never loaded images inside the email. In that instance, because image loading was turned off, we’d record the click but not the open.

Now for the improvement! We realized that this can cause some confusion when looking at your email reports, so we are making a change for the better. Going forward, we will automatically register an open if a link is clicked in the email, even if the prospect did not load the images. After all, a prospect can’t click a link in an email unless they open it first.

What does this mean for me?
Only good things. You might notice an increase in your open statistics across any emails sent out starting June 10. Also, you might notice a few more “Email Open” completion actions taking place on emails utilizing that feature.

Will this impact previously sent email reports?
The data currently in your system will not be changed retroactively. This will be in place for all email reports starting June 10, 2013.

As always if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to your client advocate or the Pardot solutions team ( at any time.

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6 thoughts on “Changes to How Email Opens Are Calculated

  • Smart!
    While unique clicks are our favourite lead generation metric, opens still cause lots of diagnostic grief for client analysis and reporting.
    Thanks for the change.


  • Great!
    This really needed to be addressed as accurate results are vital to our work.

  • Adam, I love that Pardot continues to be responsive to its users! Great improvement!

  • This is one of those things that when you read it you say “how is that we did not think about this before?”. Is this change going to track text-based emails too?

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