Calendar enhancement: add custom events

The integrated marketing calendar we released a month ago has been hugely popular. One of the first enhancements we thought about (and many of you suggested it as well) was the ability to add events to it besides the ones that are automatically pulled in (list emails, webinars, Eventbrite events, and social posts). You can now do this by clicking the Create New Event button at the top right of the calendar. You will be able to name the event, choose the date(s) and time (optional), and add a URL that users are taken to if they click for details (optional). This can be to an events page (if you use a third party event vendor with which we do not integrate, a report in a third party system, etc. You can also choose an icon and background color to use on the calendar.

Custom Events for Pardot Calendar

Creating a Custom Calendar EventIf your account has Custom Roles enabled, you can define who can view the calendar as well as who can edit and delete custom events from it. Note that users cannot delete events that are automatically pulled into it (email sends, webinars from attached connectors, etc.).

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5 thoughts on “Calendar enhancement: add custom events

    • Not currently but I think that’s definitely something we’ll be adding in the future.

  • I love this feature but have 2 suggestions:

    1 – ability to create a color coding system. I can never remember what purple means when I go to make an event, and it would be great if I can input this information so all of my team can use it as a key, and be consistent with it. Purple = Webinar.

    2 – can we get some icons that are marketing related? Email, social, webinar, etc. That martini glass is adorable but does nothing for me.

    3 – I second the note above about exporting the calendar!

    • Hi Sara,

      Those are all great suggestions and have been passed along to our product team. Thanks for your comments!

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