Now Available: Enhancements to List Email Statistics Report

Today we’re introducing a series of enhancements designed to improve user experience with the List Email Statistics report. Based on user feedback, we’ve given you more granular control over which results are displayed and we’ve made it possible to surface additional insights in the report.

First and foremost, we’ve added the ability to filter by more than two tags. By listing multiple tags separated by commas, the report will automatically be filtered to only display results that match all tags listed. This makes it easy for users to access the specific data they need.

We’ve also added back columns for Open Rate and Unique Opens. Customers told us they wanted the ability to access these metrics in the List Email Statistics report so we’ve introduced that back into the report.

Finally, we’ve made some enhancements to custom report exports. Specifically, filters you have applied to the List Email Statistics report will now be reflected when you export the data using the ‘Export custom table to CSV’ option. Now you have the same level of control over your exported data as you do in the report in the app.

To learn more about these enhancements, visit the Knowledge Base. And as always, continue to share your feedback on the Idea Exchange here.

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