Four Steps to Uncovering Your True Marketing ROI [Snapshot]

Pardot’s quarterly Atlanta Users Group meeting took place last week, and after two hours of food, a few beers, and a lot of marketing automation talk, it became apparent that many Pardot users are interested in learning more about one topic in particular: reporting.

Reporting is one of the most important benefits of marketing automation and, according to our first quarter survey, also one of the most underutilized. January’s survey of B2B marketers found that 37% of marketers still do not measure marketing’s contribution to overall business success, despite today’s advanced reporting and analytics tools. Although a majority of B2B marketers have an idea of how many leads they generate with their marketing campaigns, many are not following these leads through the sales cycle to get the whole picture.

Enter closed-loop reporting. Pardot’s Jenna Hanington took on this topic in Tuesday’s blog post, where she broke the reporting process down into four simple steps. And now, for more visual learners, Matt Wesson has created the following graphic depiction of the four steps to uncovering your true marketing ROI. Check it out, and get started with closed-loop reporting today – after all, you know how important your marketing efforts are to your business’ success, but it never hurts to have proof!

Interested in learning more about closed-loop reporting? Stay tuned for our Closed-Loop Reporting Quick Guide, coming soon!