Not Just for B2B: How Bunda Fine Jewels Runs B2C Marketing with Pardot

Bunda Fine Jewels is a 50-year-old family-owned business located in Sydney, Australia. Bunda is an internationally renowned fine jewellery house with a reputation for exquisite design and craftsmanship. 

When it comes to the types of jewellery sold by Bunda, purchasing decisions can take months and years — sometimes even decades. These long buying cycles and considered purchasing decisions require long-lasting customer relationships and a deep understanding of the customer experience.  

In an industry that previously relied heavily on catalogues and direct mail, Ben Bunda, Owner and Creative Director knew there was a huge opportunity to digitize the buying cycle and reach his customers where they spent most of their time: on their mobile phones. 

But because a white-glove customer experience is such a pivotal piece of the buyer’s journey in the fine jewellery industry, Ben needed a way to recreate the same high-end buying experience across his website and digital marketing presence.  

Building Relationships with Personalised Customer Experiences 

To help digitize his high-end brand, Ben hired Trent Hall, Senior Marketing and CRM Coordinator at Bunda. As a former Pardot consultant, Trent had years of experience helping clients be successful with marketing automation. Transitioning into a full-time position with Bunda allowed Trent to focus all of his attention and marketing creativity on the challenge of bringing a luxury buying experience to life across digital channels. 

Trent started with the Bunda website. “I built Bunda’s website with Pardot in mind, creating opportunities for dynamic content and scoring categories based on what our clients are viewing,” said Hall. By leveraging Connected Campaigns, Hall is also able to offer next-best offers based on previous purchases.  

“Right now, we’re really focused on personalising the website experience. When customers come to the site, we display different offers and content based on what they’ve purchased previously. For example, if a customer has recently bought an engagement ring, we know the next step in their buying journey is wedding bands. After they’ve purchased a band, we’ll start displaying offers for jewellery to wear on their actual wedding day, most likely our Keshi, Tahitian and South Sea Pearls. From there, we feature our upsell and cross sell offers — jewellery servicing and maintenance. And we continue the journey well into the future by staying top-of-mind through every major milestone, such as a big birthday or anniversary.” 

Eliminating Friction and Automating Follow-Up 

Trent is also experimenting with new ways to eliminate friction in the buying cycle. For example, once a customer or prospect is recognised by Pardot elements on their site, they no longer see any website forms. Instead, if a customer would like to receive information on a certain piece of jewellery, they simply see a button that says, “Click for Inquiry.” From there, a task is automatically created in Sales Cloud CRM for a sales rep to follow up.  

By eliminating as many steps as possible for customers and prospects, Bunda has seen an 80% increase in online product inquiries and has been able to translate that luxury buying experience to the web. “By decreasing the steps required to contact our sales team, we’re able to show our customers that we know who they are and we’re here to help them. Our customers are extremely important to us and a major part of our journey as a business. Pardot is enabling us to give them the same type of experience they’d receive if they visited our showroom floor — except now we’re able to deliver this on a mobile device.” 

Bringing Companies and Customers Together 

Ben Bunda is excited about the new ways his team is engaging customers with Pardot. “Creating a consistent brand experience has always been crucial, and we’ve been able to do that with Pardot. Now, I’m able to better understand how to connect with my customers and continue delivering world class service.” 

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