Unlock the True Potential of Your CRM

You know how large an impact your CRM has had on your sales team. But when it comes to marketing automation, you may still have some questions — like, what is it, why is it worth my investment, and doesn’t it really just do the same thing as my CRM?

But not only do these powerful technologies differ in purpose and function, they actually work hand-in-hand as highly complementary tools. Marketing automation doesn’t just integrate with and build off of the data already existing in your CRM; it can actually put the data in your system to greater use, further personalizing your buyer’s experience and adding value to your investment in your CRM.

Let’s take a look at a few of the differences between these two platforms, and how you can take advantage of these differences to unlock the true potential of your CRM.

MA vs CRM-01

Give your sales reps greater insight.

Go beyond basic demographic information. With marketing automation, you can delve into detailed behavioral tracking, allowing you and your sales reps to see which pages your prospects are visiting, what types of content they’re interested in, and where they are in the buying cycle — right from within your CRM. This comprehensive list of prospect activities provides unparalleled insight into exactly what your leads are interested in, allowing your sales reps to personalize their conversations and get right to the point.

Prioritize leads more effectively.

At what point do leads get assigned to sales reps? How do you know they’re qualified? Who do they go to? Marketing automation can put the lead assignment process on autopilot, based on data collected and a blended lead scoring and grading model set up by the user. When leads reach a threshold score and grade, they can be automatically assigned to sales reps based on complex business rules for territory, product, and more. Furthermore, sales reps will be able to see the score and grade in the CRM, helping them to prioritize the hottest leads and ensuring that lead assignment is fair, efficient, and effective.

Reduce lead loss.

Not all qualified leads are ready to talk with a sales rep. Lead nurturing allows for non sales-ready prospects to be placed on a lead nurturing track, and gradually sent resources over time to educate them to a sales-ready state. This not only saves precious time for your sales reps, but also ensures that marketing’s hard-earned leads don’t go to waste, increasing the value of your database. Data from lead nurturing campaigns (like emails sent and opened) will be displayed in the CRM so that reps can stay up to date on how their prospects are engaging with these campaigns. Reps can also choose to add leads to specific lists and nurturing campaigns from directly within the CRM.

Salesforce user? Be sure to check out our infographic, Pardot & Salesforce: Better Together, and download our free eBook for more ways that you can use marketing automation to unlock the full potential of this leading CRM.


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