SMB Marketers: How Many Hats Do You Wear? [Interactive Infographic]

When asked what you do on a daily basis, how often do you find yourself fumbling for an answer and landing on, “Well, I wear a lot of hats…”?

If you’re an SMB marketer, it’s probably quite frequently.

SMB marketers experience quite a few perks that their corporate cousins do not, but it’s safe to say that they’re limited in other ways — namely, by their time and resources. If you’re at an SMB, you don’t have a legion of full-time employees devoted to social media, demand generation, content creation, and email marketing. Chances are, you’re doing it all yourself.

On a daily basis, you could find yourself wearing any of the following hats at any time:

  • Social Media Manager, facilitator of engaging social conversations
  • Data Analyst, guardian of buyer data
  • Demand Generation Manager, collector of new leads
  • Operations Specialist, constructor of marketing processes
  • Email Marketer, keeper of marketing communications

I’ll admit, each of these “hats” holds a certain appeal on its own, but collectively, you’re looking at a pretty hefty workload.

Well, what if we told you there was a way to consolidate all of those hats into one super hat? We’ve developed a new eBook and interactive infographic that can tell you how to do exactly that — all with a little help from marketing automation. Take a look at our eBook, “SMB Marketing: A Story about Marketing…and Hats,” to see how one SMB marketer’s life is simplified with the addition of marketing automation. Then, scroll through our interactive infographic for a fun, hat-filled experience!

Click on the screenshots below to visit our new interactive infographic and start trying on hats of your own.

smb marketing hats

smb marketing hats

Want to see the full infographic? Check it out by clicking on the banner below! And don’t forget to download the eBook for a fun, printable takeaway.