Secrets for a More Productive Sales Team [Infographic]

Last month, our friends at Salesforce inspired us with this infographic post and the accompanying e-book on sales productivity tips from the experts. After all, we all need to take a moment from time to time to reflect on our work processes and habits and consider how they can be streamlined, and who better to look to than some of the leading minds of the industry?

But while we fully agree with this expert advice for a productive workflow and lifestyle, we?d also like to add one more element to the mix — one that will make your sales team as a whole function like a well-oiled machine — and that?s automation. As buyers become accustomed to an increasingly personalized sales cycle, and reps are faced with more ways in which to communicate with prospects than ever before — well, even top-performing reps could use a little help from technology here and there. So check out Salesforce?s infographic below for secrets of the most productive sales reps, and be sure to download our Marketing Automation for Sales Playbook to learn how features like prospect tracking, lead nurturing, and real-time sales alerts can increase productivity even more.



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