Salesforce + Pardot: The Complete Microsite for Marketers & Sales Reps

Two weeks ago, we released our Salesforce for B2B Marketers eBook in conjunction with our CRM and automation theme — and this week we’re back to take it one step further.

We’ve already discussed some of the benefits of integrating marketing automation and your CRM, but we’ve yet to dive into the specifics of what that integration might look like. How might marketing automation affect your existing marketing workflows? What about your sales workflow using a CRM like Salesforce? And most importantly, can integration improve the alignment of your two teams?

To answer those questions and more, we’ve created an interactive microsite to explore the benefits of marketing automation and CRM integration for both marketers and salespeople, specific to Pardot and Salesforce. Users can choose whether they would like to experience the site from the point of view of a marketer or a sales rep (check out the screenshot below to see what this looks like).

salesforce pardot microsite

If you’ve ever wondered how this combination of tools can help address any of your specific pain points, this is the resource for you! Take a look at the microsite to learn more about how Pardot and Salesforce can help you accomplish common marketing and sales goals, such as:

  • “measure the impact of my marketing campaigns.”
  • “send sales the perfect leads at the perfect time.”
  • “prevent lead loss through a leaky sales funnel.”
  • “see what my prospects are doing in real time.”
  • “build trusting relationships with my prospects.”

salesforce pardot microsite

Our new microsite walks through the goals above and more, while also providing helpful feature information, customer testimonials, and additional resources based on your role (marketing or sales rep). Take a look by clicking on the banner below!

microsite CTA