Put Your Leads in the Express Lane

While technology has pushed most aspects of our lives to an incredible pace, it has had the reverse effect on the complex sales cycle. According to SiriusDecisions, the average sales cycle length has increased 22% over the past five years due to more decision makers being involved in the buying process.

Accelerating the sales cycle needs to be a priority for sales and marketing teams alike. Moving leads through the funnel faster and more efficiently is key to driving more leads and ultimately more revenue. This can seem like a daunting task, but marketers and sales reps have a huge advantage they’ve never had in the past: marketing automation.

Accelerating the Funnel with Automation

Marketing automation has been designed specifically to help you shorten the length of your sales cycle. Users can easily automate many of the marketing and sales tasks that traditionally slow their teams down. And with more time on their hands, marketing can focus on sourcing and nurturing the right leads, and sales can concentrate on closing deals.

We’ve created the slide deck below to walk you through all of the ways that marketing automation can help you shorten the length of your sales cycle — without the additional investment in time and resources. Take a look through the slide deck to see how you can drive sales and accelerate your funnel with automated lead qualification, lead nurturing, detailed prospect tracking, automated follow-ups, and more.