The All-You-Need-to-Know Personalized Marketing Wrap-up [Checklist]

It’s time to wrap up our month on personalized marketing, but not without one more post to help you find the most relevant personalization resources for your needs! Take a look at our top content from the past month — from infographics to worksheets — to see how you can start taking a more one-to-one approach to your marketing strategy. Then, take a look at our personalization checklist to make sure you’re creating the most personalized experience for your buyers as possible.

5 Personalization Stats That Will Change Your Marketing Strategy

Having a hard time believing that personalization can make much of a difference to your marketing strategy? Don’t take our word for it — these numbers speak for themselves.

personalization stats

Smarter Marketing: 3 Ways to Use Data in Sales Conversations [VIDEO]

Personalization isn’t only for marketers. Sales reps can see a great deal of benefit from using buyer data to personalize their sales conversations. This 90-second video will tell you how.

personalized sales conversations

Personalization — Through Automation [Infographic]

How many of you have seen the phrase “marketing automation” and associated it with the word “impersonal”? Many marketers are surprised when they first learn about marketing automation’s ability to personalize and target the buyer journey. Take a look at this infographic to learn how.

personalization infographic

Personalization with Automation: The Complete Guide

Wondering how you can use marketing automation to target your marketing communications to each individual buyer? What about tailoring your website to each specific visitor? Check out our new white paper to answer these questions and more.

complete guide to personalization

Why Dynamic Content is Marketing’s Secret Weapon

Wouldn’t it be great if you could display different web content to each of your site visitors? With marketing automation, you can — and should! This post explains what dynamic content is, how it works, and why you should take advantage of it.

dynamic content

Mapping Content to the Buyer’s Journey [Worksheet]

A big part of personalization is sending your buyers the right content at the right time. Our content mapping graphic and buyer personas worksheet can help you decide on the appropriate content for each buyer — and the appropriate time to send it.

content mapping

Want more? Keep these questions in mind as you begin developing your personalized marketing strategy.

personalized marketing checklist

Want more information on personalized marketing? Take a look at some additional resources below:

personalization with automation

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Smarter Marketing Series: 3 Ways to Use Data in Sales Conversations [VIDEO]

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