Marketing Automation and Your CRM: 4 Benefits of Integration

For those of you who have heard of marketing automation and thought to yourself, “doesn’t that just do the same thing as my CRM?” — this one is for you.

Integrating your CRM with marketing automation” may seem like a phrase full of buzzwords, but there’s a lot of substance there if you take a closer look. Adding marketing automation to your CRM workflow can create a powerful sales and marketing tool that’s capable of addressing common B2B pain points, namely: poor lead quality, an inefficient marketing-to-sales handoff process, loss of leads in the pipeline, and a lack of insight into buyer motivations.

Marketing automation functions as the marketing counterpart to your CRM, which means that both your sales and marketing teams stand to benefit from the two tools working as one (if you’re looking for more information on how these two tools differ, check out our helpful chart here). If you’re thinking about integration, or are just curious about how marketing automation can enhance the capabilities of your CRM, check out some of the sales and marketing benefits below.

A+ Leads

Only 25% of leads are legitimate and should advance to sales. (Gleanster Research)

Ever heard complaints about the quality of leads being passed from marketing to sales? If you haven’t, you have a good thing going! But if you have, marketing automation can be a lifesaver. Using the data collected by a marketing automation tool, you can score and grade leads so that only the most qualified get passed on to sales. This ensures that leads are both interested (indicated by their lead score) and a good fit for follow up (indicated by their grade). These scores and grades are synced with your CRM, so that sales reps can view and prioritize their leads accordingly.

X-Ray Vision

It’s hard to sell. It’s even harder when you’re blind to your prospects’ pain points, interests, and motivations. With marketing automation, you can go beyond basic demographic information and dive into detailed behavioral tracking, so you can see which pages your prospects are visiting, the types of content they’re interested in, and how they’re interacting with your company’s marketing campaigns — all from within your CRM. Having this insight into one central interface (plus real-time notifications from your marketing automation tool), makes it easy for sales reps to personalize each and every conversation.

Credit Where It’s Due

Campaign ROI reporting is that much easier when your CRM is tied to a marketing automation system. Syncing between the two tools ensures that campaigns map back and forth between your marketing automation platform and your CRM, giving you the ability to tie closed deals back to the campaigns that created them. If your teams have ever argued over who sourced a closed deal (and therefore, who gets credit for said deal), closed-loop reporting can act as the perfect mediator, making sure that revenue is always attributed to the right campaign and the right team.

No Lead Left Behind

Why risk letting leads slip through the cracks and get picked up by your competitors? Instead, use lead nurturing to automatically “drip” content to your leads over time, providing valuable touchpoints and keeping your company top of mind. Marketing is able to set up these nurturing campaigns in the background, so that leads are nurtured to sales-readiness with little effort on the part of the sales team. Reps can use their CRM to monitor responses to these campaigns and add prospects to appropriate campaigns for further nurturing, helping to reduce a lot of heavy lifting for sales.

These are just a few of the sales and marketing benefits of integrating marketing automation and your CRM. Want to learn more about how Pardot can help you meet your marketing goals? Take a look at our newest eBook, “Salesforce for B2B Marketers: The Complete Guide.”

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