Marketing Automation 101: Self-Assessment

There’s no question that marketing automation can make the process of campaign creation a whole lot more, well, intentional. Marketers are no longer blasting marketing messages to the masses in hopes of creating buzz — instead, measurable goals are set, prospect data is collected, analyzed, and used to tailor messages to specific interests, and marketers are able to provide concrete proof of their contribution to business goals.

So why should the process of choosing a marketing automation platform be any less intentional?

After all, choosing a marketing automation solution is an important decision: not only is marketing automation a significant investment in time and resources, the system you choose will have an enormous impact on the daily activities of both your marketing and sales teams. So it’s important to go into the process of selecting a vendor with a firm understanding of your own goals and priorities.

The 21 questions below are designed to help businesses define these goals. So print them off, sit down with your team, and make sure everyone has a firm grasp on where you stand and what you want to achieve with your investment. And for more help with evaluating vendors and understanding specific features of marketing automation, be sure to download our free Marketing Automation Buyer’s Guide.

Self-assessment worksheet


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