Introducing the Marketing Automation Executive Value Guide

Marketing automation can shorten sales cycles, prove marketing worth, improve lead quality, and align sales and marketing efforts — among other things.

Sounds promising, right? Unfortunately, to your company’s top-level executives, it probably sounds like little more than a heap of marketing jargon. So how do you reach the C-suite in your appeal for automation? By focusing on their priorities, speaking their language, and, most importantly, by showing them proven results.

The adoption of marketing automation is expected to increase 50% by 2015. (SiriusDecisions) tweetbutton

Last week, our friends at Salesforce released their SlideShare, 20 Incredible Marketing Automation Stats, and if you?re looking for proof of automation success, this is the place to start. You?ll find stats that could turn even the greatest skeptics’ heads — which is why we’ve included many of them (along with a number of other resources) in our 2014 edition of the Marketing Automation Executive Value Guide. Learn how to start the right conversations and focus on the selling points of marketing automation that are of most interest to your CEO, CTO, and CFO. Download out our free eBook for tips and stats to help you sell marketing automation to the C-suite.


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