How Well Do You Really Know Automation? #quiz

By now, you’re probably familiar with the term “marketing automation.”

With the recent surge in interest around the topic, the online marketing world is suddenly abuzz with talk of lead nurturing, sales insight, dynamic content, and more. So if you’ve managed to get ahead of this trend and have been using marketing automation for a year or two now, you’re probably feeling a little like an old pro (and maybe just a tiny bit smug).

But how well do you really know marketing automation?

We’ve put together a short quiz with some of the most intriguing statistics that have emerged from recent studies on the impact of marketing automation. So whether you’re a newcomer trying to decide if automation is a necessity for your business or an old pro counseling others on your preferred vendor, take a moment to quiz yourself, learn a few interesting stats, and share your favorites with your friends. Then head over to our new ROI calculator to crunch some numbers to see what marketing automation can do for your business!

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