How Manufacturers Can Boost Business with Automation

In the age of the connected customer, B2B buyers are researching and evaluating products, services, and vendors the same way they do in the consumer space. They expect the same personalized, cross-channel experiences from your manufacturing brand that they receive from their favorite B2C brands. If you’re still doing business today the same way you were ten years ago, you’re missing out on all kinds of opportunities — and revenue.

While your sales team is waiting to hear back from prospects on open bids, your competitors are reaching out to them, guiding them with educational content, and closing deals. Marketing automation can help you keep track of where customers are in the buying cycle and stay on top of nurturing their journey — so you can close more deals on time.

Amplify Your Customer Experience

For manufacturers, neglected quotes are a significant source of missed opportunities — but manually following up on every open bid is a time-consuming task for sales teams. Marketing automation has the power to simplify the bidding and quoting process, from initial lead scoring to follow-up. Simple automation rules can send reminders that help reps stay on top of bids and quotes, and keep open quotes top-of-mind for customers.

For example, say a prospective customer receives a quote for a new contract. Within a few minutes, an automated email follows up with them with additional instructions. If the prospect gives no response within a few days, an automated message reminds them to review it.

Quote Follow Up Email
Automated email for quote follow up

At the same time, your automation platform sends a reminder to the sales rep to give the prospect a call. 

Quote follow up automation rules
Pardot automation rules for quote follow up

Additional reminders include links to content meant to aid the prospect in making a decision to accept the bid. Automation can help you do all of this.

When it comes to closing deals, persistence is key. Automation simplifies the sales process, so your sales reps can focus on what they do best — building customer relationships — while also increasing the amount of quotes signed on time.

Manage Channel Partnerships

In addition to their internal sales teams, manufacturers rely on third-party distributors to drive sales and revenue. Automation can help brands manage and optimize their channel relationships.

Staying top-of-mind for channel partners is a challenge faced by many B2B industries, including manufacturing. With automation, you can target re-engagement journeys to distributors who haven’t logged into your partner portal for a certain amount of time. You can use automated journeys to deliver ongoing training and education materials to your partners. You can even pre-build branded, marketing-approved customer journeys for your partners to use when selling your products or services.

Add Automation to Your Toolbox

Automation is changing how manufacturers do business on the factory floor, as well as the ways they market to and engage with customers. Pardot helps manufacturers amplify every part of the customer experience — from lead gen and scoring to bid signing and customer retention.

Learn more about automation for manufacturers in our recorded webinar “Four Ways Manufacturers Digitize and Automate Marketing with Pardot.”