A Day in the Life of a Marketing Automation User

The year is ending and the holidays are approaching, and many of you may find yourselves wondering what the new year will have in store. Perhaps it will bring new excitements and new challenges, new coworkers and friends — and you never know, maybe even a shiny new tool like marketing automation!

If marketing automation is on your horizon, you’re probably wondering what a typical day in the life of an automation user might look like. That’s a great question, and to help answer it, we recently released a graphic that walks through a typical workflow using a marketing automation tool. But since every day is different depending on your role, let’s take a closer look at a few tasks you can expect when you get started with your new tool (and keep in mind, this is a simplified model!):

9:00 AM

Take a look at your new prospect and activity reports.

If you’d like, you can choose to receive daily, automated reports detailing which of your prospects were active the previous day. Take some time to review these emails to gain insight into prospect activities, and make sure that you’re taking care of any necessary follow-up.

9:30 AM

Start reviewing leads.

When you log into your marketing automation tool in the morning, chances are, you’re going to see a list of leads that need to be reviewed. With lead scoring and grading in place, this process shouldn’t take long for each lead — in fact, we describe an effective process that can help you qualify leads in sixty seconds or less (sound too good to be true? We actually use this model ourselves!).

10:30 AM

Follow up with warm AND cold leads.

You’ll want to keep an eye on all of the lead nurturing emails and automated follow-ups that go out to all of your leads on a regular basis. Make sure that your nurturing emails are not only addressing the leads who have shown an interest in your product and are moving through the cycle, but are also helping to educate the leads who aren’t yet ready to engage with sales. At the same time, your sales reps should be using the real-time alerts provided by their new system to follow up with leads at the optimum moment.

12:00 PM

Lunch time!

Because every marketer deserves a break.

1:30 PM

Meet with your sales team.

It’s important that marketing and sales teams have regular check-ins to make sure they’re always on the same page. The success of marketing automation depends on communication between these two teams, so make sure you consistently discuss your lead qualification method (are sales reps getting leads that they’re happy with?), your follow-up process (are all leads getting regular touchpoints?), and the successes (and failures) of your various campaigns. Constant communication leaves the door open for continuous improvement.

2:30 PM

Share your content across platforms.

If you’re in marketing, then it’s highly likely that you’re sharing some sort of content on a regular basis. Take about thirty minutes to make sure you’re content is getting shared across all of your networks (if that sounds ambitious, take a look at our infographic, “How to Rock Social Media in 30 Minutes a Day”).

3:00 PM

Check in on all of your campaigns.

The great thing about marketing automation is the insight it gives you into your campaign performance. In fact, checking on the success of your campaigns can get quite addicting, so it shouldn’t feel like a burden to regularly evaluate each of your campaigns. See how your email campaigns are performing, check in on the success of your paid search initiatives, and see which types of content have the highest conversion rates. Then, optimize your strategy based on what you’ve learned.

4:00 PM

Start planning for tomorrow.

If you’re in marketing, you know how important it is to look ahead. By the end of the day, you should already be thinking about what you want to accomplish the following day. Are there new campaigns to be launched? New content to promote? Landing pages to optimize? The possibilities are endless, so make sure you’re prepared for them.

5:00 PM

Head home, rest up, and get ready for another day!

Want to see a few more possibilities of what your day-to-day activities might look like with marketing automation? Check out our “How Automation Works” graphics series, which goes through marketing and sales workflows so that each team knows what to expect.