Why you Can’t Afford to Overlook Video Data in Your Marketing Automation Strategy

Michael Litt is the CEO and co-founder of Vidyard, a video marketing platform helping marketers measure the impact of their video content.

You might be a forward-thinking early-adopter with a marketing automation platform in place, but chances are you’re still perfecting your process and nurturing programs. In fact, according to SiriusDecisions, a whopping 85% of B2B marketers using marketing automation feel that they aren’t yet using the technology to its full potential. Given the benefits you are likely already seeing with marketing automation, just imagine the impact of consolidating even more relevant data that can actually make a huge difference to your overall strategy. This data comes from a source you may not have considered yet.

What’s missing in your MAP?

While you currently track prospects’ interactions with text-based assets on your website, you’re likely not pushing video engagement data into individual prospect records in your Marketing Automation Platform (MAP). This means that even if you know who’s downloading your white papers, ebooks, and other PDF assets (and top up their individual lead scores accordingly), you’re not accounting for all of the prospects who opt to watch your video content – and that’s a whole lotta’ people these days!

The play button has quickly become the most compelling call to action on the web and enjoyment of a video has been found to increase a prospect’s purchase intent by 97%. Quick, persuasive videos have become a preferred and expected format on your site, so it’s a no brainer to start tracking individual leads’ video viewing history. Video engagement data helps you understand what your leads are actually interested in or gravitate to and, thereby, how to better nurture them along their buying journey.

Track video data or lose opportunities

To illustrate the importance of tracking video data directly within your MAP, consider the following scenario where two prospects hit your website: First, Greg lands on your website. He views multiple blog posts and downloads a white paper (which is pretty great – he’s demonstrating interest!). Marie however, hits a few blog posts, then makes her way over to watch two customer testimonial videos, spends fifteen minutes watching a webinar recording, and watches a four minute product demo all the way to the end.

In your current MAP scenario, Greg is going to get a fairly good lead score based on his download of the white paper and multiple page views on the blog. He’ll likely be passed over to sales as a marketing qualified lead for immediate follow-up. But there’s a major problem here. You were completely blind to more-involved Marie based on your lead scoring method. Take a look at what the lead scoring models might look like with and without video for Greg and Marie:

Scoring model without tracking video:

Behaviour Greg Marie
Visited Landing Page (+3 Points) 3 3
Viewed a blog post (3 points per post) 9 6
Downloads a white paper (5 points) 5 0
Lead score total 17 9

Lead scoring model with video engagement data included:

Behaviour Greg Marie
Visited Landing Page (+3 Points) 3 3
Watched landing page video (+3 points) 0 3
Viewed a blog post (+3 points per post) 9 6
Downloaded a white paper (+5 points each) 5 0
Watched video customer testimonials (+5 per vid) 0 10
Watched a product demo video (+4 per vid) 0 4
Watched a recorded webinar video (+10 points) 0 10
Lead score total 17 36

While Marie demonstrated major interest by spending a lot of time watching multiple pieces of content, the kicker is she’ll walk away unnoticed with a paltry lead score suggesting that all she did was snoop around a few web pages without taking meaningful action. This missing component of digital body language is how opportunities are won and lost. No question about it.

So how can you get more strategic?

Using a video marketing platform integrated with your MAP, you can start automatically pushing video engagement data into individual contact records. This means that you’ll have a handy record, right inside your automation tool, indicating exactly which leads are watching which pieces of video content, and how long they pay attention for.

Custom Object

With the above data, I could see that Kenny Goldman took a content journey and based on his attention span per certain video or specific topics in general, I have a good sense of what he’s interested in, how much time he invested in his visit to the site, and I’ve got great context with which to call him up and get a real conversation going. As Kenny watched all these videos, his lead score would pass over a certain threshold, and a sales rep could be alerted to follow up with this new marketing qualified lead.

Video data contributes to more effective nurturing campaigns

Even more importantly, even if Kenny only watched a few videos, it’s possible to create segments and drip programs in your MAP to automate immediate and relevant follow up content to reach those who watch a certain percentage of video content overall. If, for example, Kenny fell into a segment of people who watch over 65% of the homepage video, as well as over 50% of a product demo video, I could send him an immediate email nurture campaign with information about the product he was specifically interested in right after he’s displayed such strong interest.

Talk about getting the right message to the right person at the right time, hey?

Overall, you can see how having this invaluable video data inside your MAP is incredible for gaining real context with which to segment, score, nurture, and reach out to leads making their way through the funnel. As video becomes an increasingly popular medium and you include more and more of these assets as a huge part of your website experience, it’s essential that you’re able to track and offer up this data in your MAP.

If you’re interested in bringing video data into your MAP in this direct method we’ve explored here, take a look at Vidyard’s integration for Pardot which makes the whole thing possible.

The technology is there, it’s all about adopting it as part of your forward-thinking strategy.

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