6 Marketing Automation Tips Straight from Sales

If you had to guess whether marketing or sales teams benefit more from marketing automation, which would you guess? Probably “marketing,” right?

Surprisingly, the answer is neither. Or both. While “marketing” is featured prominently in the name of the product (marketing automation), it’s equally useful for your company’s sales team. In fact, the companies who have experienced the most success with marketing automation have found that it even improves alignment between their two teams.

So how can automation benefit your sales reps? Take a look at the six tips below, provided by Pardot’s very own sales reps, to see how sales teams can start using automation today.

1. Use your marketing automation tool to gain more insight into prospect activity, like the pages prospects are visiting on your website or content that’s being downloaded. Then, make sure you’re using this information to frame your conversations accordingly. For example, for Pardot reps: was your prospect browsing for content on lead nurturing? Email marketing? Develop your conversation around these known interests.

2.  In addition to targeting your conversations based on interests and pain points, try catering your pitch to their stage of the sales cycle. If you know that they’re in the middle of the funnel, for example, pass along a case study and frame your conversation around the benefits of using your product. (If you want more information on content offerings for each stage of the sales cycle, check out this article).

3. A lot of the tension between marketing and sales comes from an inefficient lead qualification process. Be sure to work with your marketing team to come up with an agreed-upon definition of a qualified lead. This will ensure that marketing understand which leads should get passed on to sales immediately, and which should be placed on nurturing tracks.

4. Know when your prospects are ready to talk using the real-time notifications provided by your marketing automation system. If they’re poking around on your site, take that opportunity to give them a call to see if they’d like some more information. Don’t waste their time and yours by calling when they might not be able to speak to you.

Research shows that 30-50% of sales go to the vendor that responds first. (InsideSales.com) tweetbutton

5. Does your marketing automation tool give you the option to receive daily prospect activity emails? If so, try enabling these so that you can review a list of your active prospects every morning, then decide how to prioritize your time.

6. If you have the ability to integrate your own 1:1 email platform, like Gmail, with your marketing automation platform, do it! You can use that integration to see how your 1:1 emails are performing, which links prospects are clicking on, and more.

Want to learn more about how sales reps can use marketing automation? Check out our newly released Sales Playbook, complete with visuals, helpful information, and quick stats.