6 Hats SMB Marketers No Longer Need to Wear [Graphic]

A few weeks ago, we released an interactive infographic that may very well be my favorite piece of content we’ve ever created. If you like hats (who doesn’t like hats?) and frequently feel overwhelmed by the number of roles you’re expected to fulfill at your company, this one is for you.

Many SMB marketers are performing an impressive balancing act while managing their company’s social media channels, demand generation strategies, email marketing, and more. And let’s face it, that’s a lot to handle (and handle successfully) for one person.

We understand the plight of the SMB marketer. After all, Pardot’s own marketing department started as an army of one. In the end, it wasn’t an increase in headcount that made success with a small team possible, it was marketing automation.

With marketing automation, it doesn’t matter how many hats you currently have piled on top of your head. Having a tool that can handle everything from social posting to lead nurturing makes it easy for SMB marketers to consolidate all of those hats into one.

Don’t believe me? Take a look at the graphic below to see some statistics we’ve gathered specific to each of the “hats” that you might wear on a daily basis, see how marketing automation can turn many hats into one, and view the complete interactive infographic, “SMB Marketers: How Many Hats Do You Wear?” here.


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