3 Ways Marketing Automation Helps You Cut Costs

When talk turns to marketing automation, one of the first topics to come up is generally ROI. It’s even a topic that we’re dedicating a month’s worth of blog content to, because we know ROI is always top of mind when evaluating a marketing automation system. But while it’s important to talk about the revenue-generating potential of an automation tool, what about the cost-savings benefits? Isn’t it just as important to sell upper management on the money you’re saving the company, as well as the money you’re making it?

The answer is, of course, yes.

There are plenty of ways that marketing automation can help boost your ROI, from shortened sales cycles to improved lead quality, but there are an equal number of often-overlooked ways that automation can help you cut costs. Let’s take a look at a few of the ways that you can sell marketing automation based on its cost-saving potential — not just its ability to generate $$$.

Make Your Team “Larger Than Life”

Okay, ignore the Backstreet Boys reference — when I say “larger than life,” I’m referring to marketing automation’s ability to turn small marketing teams into an army. By streamlining your marketing processes and putting everything in one place (prior to using automation, many marketers are spread thin between several disparate systems), you can save time while cutting down on resources needed for marketing projects. By no means does adopting a marketing automation tool require that you fire your employees, it just makes it easier for your existing employees to work with the resources they already have (and cuts down on the cost of hiring additional employees).

Think about the daily tasks of an SMB marketer. From updating social channels to handling company email communications, SMB marketers are wearing a lot of hats. Marketing automation consolidates and simplifies these hats (i.e. tasks), freeing you up to work on other projects that might have gotten overlooked or pushed back in the past.

Cut Back on Outsourced Tasks and Content

Email templates, eBooks and marketing collateral, landing page templates — all items that typically require an eye for design and copy. In fact, 62% of companies outsource their content in order to focus their time on other initiatives. With marketing automation’s WYSIWYG landing page and email editors, you can design and create marketing collateral with ease (and without any HTML knowledge!), freeing up some budget typically used to bring on a freelance designer or an agency.

Marketing automation can also handle much of the heavy lifting associated with content distribution. Host your files in your automation tool, set up landing pages for prospects to download assets and submit their information, and use email to distribute content to targeted lists.

Work with a Cleaner Database

Your marketing database is one of your most valuable assets, but unfortunately, it often becomes cluttered with inaccurate or duplicate data over time. While list cleaning services are a viable option, marketing automation works with your CRM to automatically de-duplicate records in your database, helping you save money on services that might normally be used to do the same thing. Furthermore, bi-directional syncing between the two tools ensures that updates made in one system are made in the other, so your database stays up to date.

Currently in the process of selling the c-suite on marketing automation? Use our marketing automation buyer’s guide for more tips and guidance. And feel free to continue the conversation in the comments!


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