2 (More!) Easy-Win Automation Campaigns

We recently covered a few beginning marketing automation campaigns on our blog, from simple lead generation to social media and lead nurturing campaigns. Unsurprisingly, these three campaigns barely scratch the surface when it comes to all you can do with an automation tool — which is why we’re here to add two more Pardot- approved marketing campaigns to your arsenal.

If you’ve never gotten a chance to watch Pardot’s webinar on automation campaigns for beginners, then take a few moments to read through the suggested campaigns in our previous post, as well as the ones listed below:

Your First Webinar Campaign

Webinars are an important part of any content marketer’s playbook because of their ability to a) generate new leads and b) provide an outlet for thought leadership. Over the course of any webinar campaign, most of the following steps will need to occur: attendees will register for a webinar that’s being promoted by your company, the webinar will be run, attendees and no-shows will be segmented into separate lists, and each list will be sent a targeted follow-up or be added to a nurturing campaign.

Automation can help with each of the steps listed above. Forms and landing pages can help streamline the registration process, attendance can be tracked using one of various webinar connectors, lists can be segmented within your automation tool, and follow-ups can be handled automatically. You can even adjust prospect scores based on webinar attendance. With automation, webinar campaigns can go from a process that involves a number of separate tools and manual follow-up to a process that can be handled by a single system.

Cold Lead Recycling Campaign

Every marketer has a budget, and a number that they’re willing to spend per lead. Every marketer also has a database, often full of inactive or cold leads that at one point cost the company money to acquire. That’s why a marketer’s own database is one of the most underutilized assets at their disposal. Instead of sinking the entirety of their budget into campaigns targeted at new leads, marketers can instead try to revive and recycle the cold leads already in their database.

To start with a cold lead revival campaign, you’ll want to place those leads on a list and get them started on a lead nurturing campaign. From there, these leads will be nurtured to sales-readiness by having content “dripped” to them, until the time when they decide to reach out to a sales rep and re-enter the sales cycle. At this point, sales can follow up with leads accordingly.

Want more information on lead nurturing strategy? Check out our webinar on Killer Nurturing Campaigns.

Check out three more “easy-win” automation campaigns in this article, and feel free to leave some more ideas for beginning automation campaigns in the comments!