Upcoming Webinar: From Capture to Close – The Buyer’s Journey

Description: Marketers have a great opportunity these days with marketing automation – the opportunity to really get to know their buyers and help them along their buyer’s journey.

From a buyer’s initial interaction with your organization and marketing materials, to the final deal-making handshake, marketing and sales must understand their buyer’s journey in order to succeed.

So, what does that journey look like? Join Sam Boush and Josh Thorngren of Lead Lizard, as they provide valuable insights into:

  • Lead Capture. How to get the right data at the beginning of the conversation.
  • Lead Nurture. How to feed contacts to bring them to sales-readiness.
  • Lead Qualification. How to align marketing and sales to move a prospect to “closed:won.”

Your Speakers:
Sam Boush, Founder – Lead Lizard

Sam is the Founder of Lead Lizard, a marketing automation agency focused on helping enterprise companies get the most out of their demand generation tools. Sam has worked on all sides of marketing automation for many years, including at a major software organization, as a consultant, and as the founder of one of the leading demand generation agencies in the U.S.

Josh Thorngren, Director of Client Services – Lead Lizard
Josh, Director of Client Services at Lead Lizard, worked for many years as the marketing automation lead for a respected agency before joining the Lead Lizard team. There, he developed certifications and mastery in a number of marketing automation softwares. Moreover, he learned how to get things done for his clients, earning him a reputation as the go-to person for optimizing demand generation and marketing operations.

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