3 Great Resources to Help Boost Your Lead Gen Efforts

So you have a great product, a talented marketing team, and a collection of valuable content to entice your prospects, but you’re still not seeing the number of conversions that you’d hoped for. What’s the point of having all of these great marketing assets if they’re not going to drive leads, and ultimately, revenue?

Sound familiar? If you’re promoting valuable content but not seeing a high number of conversions, there’s a good chance the issue lies with your lead generation tools themselves — namely, your website, landing pages, or forms. Your prospective buyers may not be able to find the resources they need, or they may be taking one look at your forms and running the other direction — whatever the issue, we’re here to help. Our resident expert on the topic, UX Designer Cliff Seal, has written a series of blog posts on optimizing marketing assets that drive conversions. Check out a few quotable moments from the resources below, and be sure to read the full articles for more in-depth explanations and actionable tips.


“To assist the visitor in finding the information they want, each piece of content’s “value proposition” needs to give an indication of what the rest of your content is and what questions it will answer. “

It all starts with your website — if your visitors can’t easily navigate to the information they need, chances are they’re going to hit the ‘back’ button and check out one of your competitors instead. Learn how to organize your website in a way that’s conducive to your visitor’s reading patterns, and why you should forget ‘the fold’ in this post on B2B website layouts.


Landing Pages

“Before a visitor leaves, they’ll read—at most—28% of the words on a page. Make sure you write clear, concise headings to help scanning eyes find the information they’re searching for.”

Your landing pages are at the heart of your lead generation efforts, so take the time to make sure they’re optimized and easy to navigate. Learn how to battle impatience, distrust, and distraction with these tips for simplifying your landing pages and creating clear calls to action.



“Don’t put two or three mutually-exclusive options into a dropdown menu; use a radio button instead. This helps users scan options faster.”

Your forms are your prospects’ last hurdle before a conversion — don’t lose them now! Check out some common form blunders and learn how to avoid them in this post on form optimization.


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