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This page links to all of our most popular Salesforce articles. If you need help with your Salesforce account specifically, check out Salesforce’s documentation here.

Overview and FAQ Articles

Overview Articles

Salesforce Connector Overview
Getting Started with the Salesforce Connector


Can I have multiple Pardot accounts tied to one Salesforce account?
How do Pardot default fields map to Salesforce fields?
How email changes in Salesforce sync down to Pardot
What syncs with my CRM?
What To Do With Bad Contacts and Leads in Salesforce
What triggers a sync with Pardot and my CRM?
When are leads synced with the CRM?
Why does my CRM report not match my Pardot report?
Why is the “Pardot URL” in my CRM linking to the wrong prospect in Pardot?
Why won’t my connector verify?
Why won’t my field sync?

Reference Articles

Advanced Salesforce Syncing Options
Advanced Syncing Topics
CRM Data Flow Diagram
Custom Objects
Opportunities in Pardot
Pardot Integration With Salesforce1
Prospect Accounts and CRM Syncing
Pardot Outlook Add-in versus Salesforce for Outlook
Salesforce Campaigns
Salesforce Connector for Sandbox Accounts
Salesforce Connector Troubleshooting
Salesforce Lead Queues

How-to Articles

Add Rating Stars to your Salesforce Lead and Contact layouts
Adding Send to Pardot and Send Pardot Email to Salesforce Layouts
Adding Send To Pardot List to Salesforce Campaigns
Checking Salesforce Security Settings for VisualForce Pages
Connecting to a Salesforce Sandbox
Forwarding Data from a Pardot Form Post to Salesforce via RingLead
Getting Custom Fields to Appear in your Salesforce
Copying Salesforce Account Fields to Contact Fields
Enabling Pardot Drip Programs from Your CRM
Importing from Salesforce Campaigns
Importing Salesforce Leads and Contacts
Installing and Updating the Pardot AppExchange Application
Integrating with Salesforce Queues
Logging in to Pardot with Salesforce
Mapping Salesforce and Pardot custom fields
Mapping Usernames and Single Sign-On
Mapping your Lead Fields to Contact Fields
Setting up Salesforce Person Accounts for Pardot Syncing
Setting up the Salesforce Connector
Testing your Salesforce Connector
Using Salesforce State/Country Picklists with Pardot