eLearning: Prospects 101

Prospects 101 includes how to differentiate a site visitor from a prospect, as well as navigate and decipher visitor tables and prospect lists. This course also covers the four methods of prospect creation and when they are appropriate. You will also learn to identify the parts of a prospect record and use them to gather information about your prospects. This course also discusses the default and custom field types found within the prospect record.

In this training, you will learn:

  • Differences between a visitor and prospect
  • Ways in which a visitor can become a prospect
  • Learn the structure of the prospect record and be able to locate data in the prospect record
  • Overview of default and custom fields

*The online course is interactive and includes feature demonstrations as well as learner-led skill assessments.

If you’re a Salesforce customer, log in to Help and Training, and search for Pardot. This module is located in the Pardot: Overview course. Click here for video help.

If you’re not a Salesforce customer, access this training from the Help Drawer in Pardot. Click here for video help.