eLearning: List Management

Lists are an essential part of many marketing workflows in Pardot – from recipient and suppression lists for emails and drip programs to segmenting prospects based on activities and registrations. In this List Management training, you will learn how to build and manage your lists in Pardot. Learn to split, archive, and delete lists from your Pardot account. You will also segment prospects onto lists based on various criteria and business needs. Additionally, you will manage your prospects’ list memberships and create Test Lists for use in Email Sends.

In this training, you will learn:

Understand the difference between static and dynamic lists
Functionality such as splitting, deleting, and archiving lists
Best practices when using multiple lists for campaigns
Features to allow you to remove a form, but keep a landing page after a time sensitive event
*This online course is interactive and includes feature demonstrations as well as learner-led skill assessments.

If you’re a Salesforce customer, log in to Help and Training, and search for Pardot. This module is located in the Pardot: Email 101 course. Click here for video help.

If you’re not a Salesforce customer, access this training from the Help Drawer in Pardot. Click here for video help.