eLearning: Assigning Prospects

There are multiple ways to assign your prospects within Pardot. You can manually assign prospects or utilize automation rules or completion actions to assign prospects based on their activity or information. If you are interested in utilizing all of Pardot’s assignment functionality to maximize your lead assignment strategy, this content will be great for you.
In this training, you will learn:

  • Key indicators in prospect activity to use for assignment criteria
  • How to trigger assignments via automation rules
  • How to assign prospects at key steps during drip programs
  • How to use completion actions on forms, content, and page actions to assign
  • How to reassign active prospects to another user

*The online course is interactive and includes feature demonstrations as well as learner-led skill assessments.

If you’re a Salesforce customer, log in to Help and Training, and search for Pardot. This module is located in the Pardot: Automating Business Process course. Click here for video help.
If you’re not a Salesforce customer, access this training from the Help Drawer in Pardot. Click here for video help.