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bitly Connector
Connectors Connector
Google AdWords Connector
GoToWebinar Connector
LinkedIn Connector
Olark Connector
ReadyTalk Connector
Twilio Connector


Logging in to Pardot with Salesforce
Salesforce Lead Queues
Syncing Custom Field Values with a CRM


Creating Custom Fields
Editing Custom Fields
Editing Default Fields
Field Type Reference
Form Fields Overview
Prospect Field Settings Reference
Using Pre-defined Values in Custom Fields


Can I track Google AdWords conversions?
Can I track Google Analytics conversions?
Custom Scoring
Deleting Prospects
Grant Support Access to Account
Hiding Landing Pages from Being Indexed
How does Pardot track activities?
Icon Glossary
Page Actions
Prospect Alerts
Recycle Bin
System Emails
Turning Off Compatibility Mode in IE
UTF-8 encoding
Variable User Tags in Emails
What does “Do Not Track” mean for my website?
What roles should I select for my users?


Import Field Validation
Import Opportunities
Import Users
Importing Prospects
Why isn’t the number of prospects I imported as high as I expected?

Technical Setup and Security

Adding SPF and DomainKeys to Your DNS
Email Authentication Overview
IP Location Activation
Technical Setup Overview
Tracker Subdomain/CNAME
Tracking Opt-in by Country
Using Custom Fonts in Pardot


Custom User Roles
Customizable User Email Signatures
Deleting a User
Import Users
User Table Actions