Introducing the Social Media for Events Handbook

With Dreamforce 2014 coming up in October, we’ve got events on the brain! To gear up for all the Tweeting and Instagramming we will certainly be doing at the exciting sessions and late-night parties, we’ve released a brand new handbook to help you master social media for events.

Whether you’re hosting a conference, manning a booth at a trade show, or attending an event as a guest, the resources in this handbook will help you use social media to make the most of any B2B marketing event. The Social Media for Events Handbook includes:

  • a breakdown of the benefits of leveraging social media at events
  • a checklist to help you promote your events on social media
  • a worksheet to organize your live tweeting strategy
  • plenty of tips for connecting with the right people and creating the best content
  • a post-event checklist to help you reach more people and extend the life of your event content.

Check out the tip sheet below to see how posting live from events can help you reach more of your prospects—and keep them informed and entertained. Be sure to download the full handbook here.

live posting tip sheetsocial media at events CTA