Dreamforce 2014 is Wrapping Up…What Now?

So you’re heading home from Dreamforce 2014 (along with half of the people in the Bay Area). You’re exhausted, likely sporting some blisters, and undoubtedly suffering from a major case of information overload.

We know the feeling.

But your work here isn’t done! You’ve made so many connections, shared so many exciting new ideas with fellow conference-goers, and met so many potential prospects — don’t let the week’s work go to waste! Everything is still fresh in your mind, making this the perfect time to get started with your post Dreamforce follow-up plan (or at least get started thinking about your post-Dreamforce follow up plan as you nurse your hangover on the plane ride home).

The best way to cut through cluttered post-Dreamforce inboxes? As usual, our advice is this: personalize. Have prospects that stopped by your booth? Attended a session? Entered your contest or promo? Shoot them an email that’s specific to your point of contact with them, thank them for their time, and include a piece of content that relates to their interests in your brand. If this sounds like too much work for your tired brain to process, rest assured: we’ve put together some resources to help. Check out our case study from last years’ Dreamforce follow-up as a reference, and use the worksheet below to organize your own follow-up efforts. Looking for more tips? Get our full Dreamforce 2014 Handbook by clicking on the banner below.

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