The Dreamforce 2014 Handbook: Your Guide to Success at #DF14

How many of you read the headline to this post and thought, “I get it, Pardot! You’re going to be at Dreamforce!”?

I wouldn’t blame you if you had. But this post isn’t about our presence at Dreamforce, it’s about you! With a predicted 140,000 attendees and 1,400+ breakout sessions this year, planning your Dreamforce strategy can be a little overwhelming.

Whether you’re an attendee, marketer, or sales rep gearing up for the world’s largest cloud-computing conference, we’ve developed a resource to help you get the most of your Dreamforce experience. Our Dreamforce 2014 Handbook includes event information, helpful tips for sales and marketers, and more. Take a look to gain access to:

  • an attendee checklist with helpful reminders for before and during the event
  • a helpful tip sheet to help sales reps qualify and follow up with hot leads
  • a Dreamforce follow-up worksheet, so you can already have a plan in place when the event ends
  • a live posting tip sheet, so your Tweets don’t get lost in the #DF14 shuffle.

Ready to get started? Here’s an example checklist pulled from the Handbook. If you’re a marketer hoping to generate leads at Dreamforce, this one’s for you.

Dreamforce marketing checklist

Get the full handbook by clicking on the banner below.

Dreamforce 2014 Handbook