The Seven Deadly Sins of Email Deliverability [CHECKLIST]

The modern-day marketer has more tasks to juggle than ever before — not to mention the fifty billion best practices to keep in mind while performing each of these tasks. But if there’s one thing that today’s marketers cannot afford to lose sight of amidst the mayhem, it’s email deliverability rates.

Email deliverability may not be as fun to talk about as creative marketing strategies like social media and video marketing, but email is the heart of your online marketing efforts and the “Report as Spam” button is an ever-present threat. Even without intentionally spamming recipients, you could be making small mistakes that can hurt your deliverability rates and your email marketing reputation. So, before you send your next email, check out the “7 Deadly Sins of Email Deliverability” checklist below, and make sure you’re not doing anything that could potentially harm your reputation.

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Deliverability Checklist