Introducing the Complete Guide to B2B Email Marketing

It can seem like today’s marketing world changes at the speed of light. In an industry where new technologies, tracking capabilities, and social media channels crop up on a daily basis, sometimes it feels like you’ve barely begun to implement a new tool or strategy before the next one renders it obsolete. But in this ever-changing frontier, one thing remains certain: email marketing isn’t going away anytime soon.

In fact, in a recent study conducted by ExactTarget, 77% of consumers named email as their preferred channel for receiving permission-based marketing communications (a number that has actually increased 5% since 2008).

77% of consumers say email is their preferred channel for receiving permission-based marketing communications (ExactTarget, 2013) tweetbutton

But email marketing is changing. Today’s marketing tools can make your email efforts smarter, more efficient, and more targeted than ever before. And with email at the heart of your online marketing, taking the time to learn about these tools, organize your efforts, and make sure that every aspect of your strategy is optimized is a worthwhile investment.

Enter The Complete Guide to B2B Email Marketing. We’ve broken the entire process of creating effective, targeted emails — from planning and designing to sending and optimizing — down into six straightforward steps:

  • Setting up authentication and deliverability
  • Designing a clean, attractive email template
  • Creating effective email content
  • Testing and optimizing for different platforms
  • Following sending best practices
  • Tracking and reporting on email success

Download your free copy of the guide for an in-depth look at each step, and use the six worksheets included to organize and focus your efforts as you work towards more effective email campaigns.