Email Marketing 101: Testing and Optimization

Like any online marketer, you invest a significant amount of time and effort into planning and executing effective email campaigns. From designing an attractive template to crafting the perfect call to action, you want to make sure every aspect of your campaign is optimized. But if you’re not taking the proper precautions before hitting that “send” button, all your efforts could be going to waste. Check out the pointers below for optimizing your email campaigns — and download our recently released Complete Guide to B2B Email Marketing for more tips and best practices.

Preview Your Campaigns.

You put a lot of time into crafting the perfect email, so you want to make sure all your hard work will render perfectly for your recipients regardless of their email service provider. The easiest way to view any email in the 50+ email clients available today is through a campaign preview feature offered by many marketing automation platforms, which allows users to quickly and easily view how an email will look across the leading email clients and browsers and ensure that the email renders exactly as intended.

Consider Spam Filters.

The best marketing automation platforms also allow you to test each email against the top spam filters to make sure your emails will get through to the inbox. This testing technique will also help you determine whether the problems are with links, poorly formatted HTML, or a high concentration of “spammy” words and phrases. If you find that your test emails are getting sent to the “Spam” folder, take the following precautions:

  • Test a text-only version of your message. This will help you diagnose if the issue is content-related or code-related. If the text version gets through to your inbox but the multipart version does not, the issue may be with your images or the source code.

  • Check your image-to-text ratio. Too many images or images that are too large in comparison to the amount of text in an HTML email can be considered spammy.

  • Check for SenderID and DomainKeys records. Verify that you’ve added SenderID and DomainKeys records to your Domain Name System (DNS). For more on authentication and deliverability, download our free Email Deliverability Handbook.

Optimize for Mobile.

More than 59% of B2B purchase decision makers and influencers use their smartphones to gather information when purchasing products or services — so, as a B2B marketer, you can’t run the risk of not having your emails display properly on a mobile device. Luckily, some simple design choices can help ensure that your emails are mobile-friendly. By sticking to a one-column format, making text stand out as much as possible, and ensuring that images and buttons are large and visible, you can greatly increase the odds that your mobile-oriented readers will be able to read and navigate your email.

More than 59% of B2B purchase decision makers and influencers use their smartphones to gather information when purchasing products or services. (eMarketer, 2012)

Think you’re ready to hit the “send” button? Use the “Email Pre-flight Checklist” below to ensure that your email reaches its mark and renders perfectly. And be sure to download our Complete Guide to B2B Email Marketing for more worksheets, checklists, and tip sheets!

Email Preflight Checklist