9 Essential Steps to Email Template Design [CHECKLIST]

If you’ve ever opened an email editor to start designing a template, you know just how many factors there are to consider before you can even think about hitting that “send” button — images, calls to action, copy, organization, and more. The good thing is, it’s not as complicated as it sounds. With some help from some of our clients, we’ve come up with a few best practices that will help you create effective email templates every time.

To begin with, start by going through the checklist below to make sure you’re not missing any essential steps. Then, take a look at the tip sheets and worksheets provided in our Email Template Handbook, and stay tuned for our Email Design Lookbook, which will feature ten examples of successful email templates provided by Pardot clients.

 Email Template Checklist

Have more questions about email template design? Download the full Email Template Handbook to get helpful tips, checklists, and worksheets to lead you through the B2B template design process.

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