Secrets to Effective Content Promotion [CHECKLIST]

In yesterday’s post, A Quick Content Marketing Breakdown, we walked you through the five steps of an effective content strategy, with tips on how to approach each phase. And one of the most important points that we emphasized was this: when it comes to content, creating it is not enough.

A successful content strategy requires a solid plan for promotion, so make sure you’re taking as much time getting your content in front of your audience as you spent creating it. A few tips to get you started:

  • Schedule promotions in advance. It’s easy to remember to promote content the day that you publish it; it’s easy to forget what you’ve created once 2-3 weeks have gone by. When you’re scheduling your initial postings, schedule a few for weeks or months down the line, so you can continue to distribute evergreen content without having to go back and audit what you’ve already published.
  • Hijack hashtags. Hashtags are a powerful tool for joining relevant conversations and extending the reach of your content. Does your content contain popular keywords that might be trending on Twitter? Is there a conference hashtag running that might relate to your topic? Including these hashtags in your Twitter and Facebook posts can help to get your content in front of a new audience with an interest in your subject matter.
  • Encourage internal promotion. Your content benefits your entire business, so have your coworkers help you get the word out about it. Create an internal digest with your most recent content, and try including pre-written promotions so your teammates can instantly copy, paste, and share.

Looking for more tips on effective content distribution? Use the checklist below to make sure you hit all the basics of content promotion, and be sure to download our free Business Blogging Handbook for more helpful worksheets and checklists.



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