The Quick Brand Engagement Wrap-up

May has flown by, and with it our month of content focused on buyer and customer engagement. This past month, we delved even deeper into what motivates our buyers and customers to engage with our brands, specifically focusing on content and social media. Based on a survey of over 400 consumers, we were able to uncover the following engagement trends:

Content Matters

When it came to making a purchasing decision, survey respondents indicated that trust in a brand’s content was 3x more important to them than trust in a brand’s employees.

64% of customers say that “content authenticity” and “the helpfulness of content” are major factors in their decision to stay with their solution provider.

But Quality Matters Even More

82% of those surveyed indicated that the type of content affects their perception of how credible the information is.

63% of all respondents have engaged with content at some point in their career only to be disappointed by what they received. Of those who have been disappointed, 97% indicated that the experience either slightly or seriously affected their trust of the brand.

Want more information on the types of content that consumers find most credible, what factors influence consumer trust of a brand, and how you can start creating helpful and authentic content of your own? Take a look at our roundup of resources below, including our recently released Content Creation Guide and 5 Engagement Questions — Answered Research Report.

The 2014 Content Creation Guide

There’s a lot that goes into creating a piece of content: goal-setting, buyer personas, content development, distribution and promotion, and measurement. Our revamped 2014 Content Creation guide walks you through each of these steps and more, and leaves you with a series of helpful worksheets to help you get started.


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5 Brand Engagement Stats for 2014 [SlideShare]

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