Pardot’s 2012 Content Marketing Roundup


Now that we’ve gone through our favorite email marketing and social media posts of 2012, it’s time for the content marketing roundup. Check out the list below for some great articles and graphics on content marketing, and get some helpful tips and insights along the way.

The Content Marketing Mix [Infographic]

2012 has seen the rise of quite a few new content marketing strategies. Chief among these has been the use of content to move leads through the sales cycle. But how do you know which type of content to send to each lead? What’s the appropriate channel of distribution? To answer these questions, we designed the “Content Marketing Mix” to help you determine the optimal point in the sales cycle to use your content for maximum impact.

The Must-Read Marketing Blogs of 2012 [Infographic]

Now that we’ve entered the digital age, blogs have become the new newsstand for marketers. But with more than 190 million blogs worldwide, how do we keep up with the ones that have the most relevant, useful information? Over the past few months, we covered the best blogs in a number of different categories in our “Pardot’s Favorite Blogs” series. To cap off the series, we created an infographic with all of the must-read blogs of 2012, so you can find the blogs that appeal to you the most.

How to Recycle Content…The Smart Way

If you’re a content marketer, at some point you’ve probably run dry when it comes to ideas for creating content. Luckily, there’s good news if you ever find yourself in this situation. There’s an alternative to writing fresh, original content: recycling content. Learn how to recycle content the smart way in this blog post.

An Innovative Approach to Content Marketing: Enlightened Trial & Error

Is an obsession with creating the most valuable content possible keeping you from producing any content at all? If so, it might be time to consider a different approach: enlightened trial and error, or the idea that you should not be afraid to fail often in order to succeed sooner. Find out how this idea applies to content marketing in this post: “An Innovative Approach to Content Marketing: Enlightened Trial & Error.”

Kanye on Content

Looking for a fun post that combines tweets from rapper Kanye West and the topic of content marketing? Look no further! Kanye West doles out a surprising amount of wisdom on his Twitter page, and Pardot’s Matt Wesson has taken a few of his tweets and drawn out the deeper meaning in order to provide a humorous take on pop culture and content marketing.

Dream Bigger with Your Dynamic Content

With one of the predicted trends for 2013 being an emphasis on personalized content, marketers will need to focus on the different ways they can connect with leads, clients, and customers on a more personal level. One great way to do this is with dynamic content. Learn about some creative ways that you can use dynamic content in your marketing in this blog post: “Dream Bigger with Your Dynamic Content.”