Marketing with Infographics: A New Pardot White Paper


Be honest. If you aren?t already using infographics in your content marketing, you?ve at least thought about it.

And who can blame you? With the ability to drive massive amounts of traffic and buzz around your brand, infographics are becoming the breakout stars of content strategies in nearly every industry. The rise of content and data accessibility has created a perfect storm for infographics to truly have an impact on consumer relationships and provide real value for their audience and creators alike.

The Perfect Tool for the Time

As more and more content is created, consumers are feeling more and more overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information. They are experiencing a certain amount of information anxiety, which causes them to be thrifty with their time and attention.

With attention so closely guarded, the novelty and clarity of infographics have made the medium an easy way to connect with consumers. Infographics can represent information quickly and clearly, and give the brain a welcome rest from the tidal wave of text-based content produced everyday.

Easier Than You Think

Infographics have been around in some form for hundreds of years, but their entrance into the business world is still relatively new. This leaves many marketers unsure of how to begin creating or curating infographics of their own, and leaves the rest wondering how to best maximize the impact of the infographics they do have.

With so many other projects vying for the modern marketer?s attention, it can be hard to track down all the information required to craft the perfect infographic strategy. It is for this reason that we have created our new white paper, ?Marketing with Infographics: A Complete Guide for Marketers,? to help plan, implement, and optimize infographics in your marketing strategy.

In this white paper you will learn:

  • How infographics are designed to hack the brain
  • The 7-step process to designing exceptional infographics
  • Free tools for creating & curating infographics of your own
  • Tips for promoting and generating the best returns
  • and much more!

The white paper is free for download. Just complete the form below to receive your free copy!

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