Kanye on Content

While content marketing has only recently exploded onto the business scene, many people have been making careers out of producing content for years. Kanye West is one of those people.

As a successful musician, music producer, film director, and fashion designer, Kanye has perfected the art of crafting content that sells. Although the artist has become increasingly private in recent years, we were able to gain insight into his content creation process and expertise on the most intimate level: through his tweets.

It’s probably no surprise that Kanye West has a lot to say on his Twitter account, but we’ve sifted through hundreds of tweets to find a few valuable insights into content strategy. Here are just a few of the 140 character content lessons we gleaned from Kanye:

Aesthetics matter:

Kanye takes pride in always looking his best. You need to take the same approach in your content strategy. Your consumers are exposed to hundreds of pieces of content every day, and the pieces that most often draw their attention are those that are well designed and appealing. Make sure your content can not only catch the eye of your audience, but hold their attention.

Create standards:

As you begin to produce more content in varying forms and for different channels, it is important that your audience is able to distinguish which content is yours. Create a standardized format for your content, from a general color palette all the way down to the fonts that can be used. In addition to making your content more recognizable, content standards will help streamline your creation process.

Work with what you have:

Just as Kanye is making the most out of the cars and jewelry he already has, you too can get more out of your existing content. Any large piece of content can, and should, be used to create smaller pieces to multiply that content’s impact. Convert your white papers into multiple blog posts, podcasts, or even an infographic. Get the most out of the resources you already have. Also, don’t be afraid to reuse older content. Just because a blog post is a month old, that doesn’t mean it’s no longer relevant.

Make it Visible:

Kanye knows that the bigger the stage, the greater the exposure. It’s your job to create the stage for your content. Share your content on your blog, social networks, and other industry news sites. Exposure acts as a multiplier for the effectiveness of your content. The more people that view your content, the better that content will serve your overall goals, whether it’s thought leadership, site traffic, or lead generation.