Joe Pulizzi’s Top 3 Tips for Content Success

The other day, I had the pleasure of grabbing a few moments with Joe Pulizzi, founder of the Content Marketing Institute. Even in the midst of planning for the upcoming Content Marketing World summit on September 10th, Joe was kind enough to take some time to talk through a few content marketing tips. Here’s some advice from the master himself:

Tip #1: It’s All about Storytelling

One important reminder from Joe: content marketing is all about telling a compelling story. Storytelling has been a part of marketing for years, but marketers are beginning to lose the art due to mass media. Know that proprietary audiences are key, and that telling a good story to build your audience is the best way to keep these audiences engaged. A good story should be helpful and entertaining.

Tip #2: Run “Pilots”

Other industries are constantly creating content, and according to Joe, B2B marketers should be taking cues from them. Let’s take the TV show industry, for example. We’re all familiar with the concept of TV pilot episodes — basically, ideas for shows that are created in short bursts to see if further investment in them will pay off. Joe suggests that B2B marketers do the same with their content. Consider creating a pilot campaign and running it for 6-18 weeks to see how it performs. If the goals are met, consider bumping up that campaign to the next level — but if not, kill it off.

Tip #3: Learn a Lesson from Sears

In the 1920s, Sears department store created a radio station. The goal was to build better relationships with farmers, one of their core demographics. It was so successful that it ended up spurring a series of products based off of the radio station call letters. If you’re a B2B marketer, take a tip from Sears and make sure that you are using your content to build relationships. The Sears radio show wasn’t about Sears — it was about helping farmers do their jobs better. The focus of your content should always be on one thing: your customers.

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