How to Grow Your Email, Mobile, & Social Audiences [INFOGRAPHIC]

Have you ever noticed how some companies are able to cultivate an audience of thousands, while other companies struggle to get just a couple of shares on their content? Often, it’s not the content that’s the issue, although that’s where the fingerpointing normally starts. Companies with perfectly crafted and high-quality content may still find that their efforts aren’t paying off. If that’s the case, then the issue may lie elsewhere — namely, in the tactics used to gain an invested, engaged audience.

ExactTarget recently delved into this issue in their Subscribers, Fans, and Followers research series. Specifically, they looked at the question, “How are marketers growing their email, social, and mobile audiences?” Over the course of ExactTarget’s research, approximately 400 people were surveyed, a majority of them from B2B companies. Curious what their answers were? Check out the infographic below, which outlines major usages and goals of each of these channels.


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