Using Content as a Recruitment Tool


The startup industry is a fast-paced industry. And that’s the understatement of the century.

Startups feel the pressure to start strong, stand out, grow and adjust quickly — and all of this relies on them rounding up the most talented, creative, and innovative team possible. To obtain this goal, start-ups bring in teams of recruiters, attend career fairs at top schools across the nation, and offer employee perks that former generations couldn’t even fathom (think in-office massages).

But one recruitment tool you may not have considered is content. Let’s take a look at four ways your content can rope in potential talent.

Give them a “peek behind the curtain.”

We’ve talked before about giving your audience a peek behind the curtain. Often, in highly competitive deals between two extremely similar products, it comes down to the companies behind the products. Content can show potential leads why they want to work with you — or potential recruits why they want to work for you. So consider creating some content geared specifically towards this goal. Sure, posts that highlight your company culture may not belong with the rest of your thought leadership material, but if you have the bandwidth, consider creating a separate outlet for those who are interested in an in-depth look at life at your company (see PardotWave.)

Remember who’s looking at your Facebook.

As a social network geared towards personally connecting friends and families, it’s common knowledge that Facebook is a great place to show off your company’s more personable side, and a place where your most avid fans come to like your page and show their support. But have you ever thought of your Facebook page as a recruitment tool?

After being named the #1 small workplace in Atlanta by the AJC, Pardot’s Facebook page received a spike in “Likes” — mostly recent or soon-to-be college graduates from schools across the Southeast, and not likely candidates for a marketing automation solution. We’re talking about a generation that has been deeply immersed in the world of social media since middle school; your company’s Facebook page could be their first impression of your business. Keep this in mind when you publish content on your page, and try to showcase why your employees love working for you.

When in doubt, create an infographic.

Creating an infographic about why someone might want to work for your company might sound ridiculous (you have no statistics, it’s not thought leadership, who’s going to share it?), but consider its potential uses. When our own Matt Wesson created an infographic of Pardot perks, we had it blown up into an 8-foot tall poster that could be taken to events and career fairs. It’s attention-grabbing, professional-looking, and, for those potential recruits who like to hang back a little and get a sense of a company before approaching the table, a great ice breaker. Additionally, having copies available for them take home is a great way to keep this information top-of-mind.

Get creative.

Content isn’t limited to words, pictures or even clever infographics. Think outside the box — like Siemen did when they successfully used gamification as a recruitment tool. Their online game, Plantville, simulates the experience of being a plant manager, challenging players to improve productivity and efficiency. The initiative had a wide range of goals (from helping current employees, to recruiting future ones) and enjoyed widespread success: approximately 23,000 engineering professionals have played so far, including recruits from over 600 colleges and universities nationwide. Most importantly, they beat competitors to the punch with a fresh, innovative idea that would set them apart.

Read more about Siemens usage of gamification in the original article, and be sure to let us know your thoughts on content as a recruitment tool in our comments section.

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