9 Creative Ways to Promote Webinars

promote webinars

According to the 2011 MarketingSherpa B2B Advanced Practices Handbook, 92% of marketers indicated that webinars were an effective way to generate leads for their organization.

But while the potential to generate high-quality leads through webinars has become more widely recognized over the past few years, the importance of pre- and post-webinar promotion is often underemphasized. Marketers can certainly accelerate their lead conversions using webinars, but without a promotional strategy in place, the webinars that they’ve worked so hard to create will just fall flat.

At our 2012 Elevate conference, Simone Nabers, Demand Generation Manager at ReadyTalk, shared a general rule of thumb for webinar promotions: to keep your hard work from going to waste, plan to start promoting four to six weeks before the actual date of the webinar. Promotional efforts after the webinar should be ongoing, so that your content doesn’t disappear into the depths of your website archives after a week.

Looking for a few creative and effective ways to promote your webinars and encourage users to register? Take a look at a few suggestions below:

1. Share through Social Outlets

Starting with the most obvious idea on the list, it’s important that you share details about your upcoming webinar on all of the social sites that you, your prospects, and your clients engage on. Try asking questions to tease the webinar, such as “What 3 steps will guarantee you email marketing success? Find out in our upcoming webinar on  3/15.”

2. Guest Post from Speaker

Guest posts are a great way to get new visitors and a new audience to your site. Have your speaker write a blog post to introduce the webinar topic, and include a few points that will be discussed further during the webinar. Make sure that the post has a strong, obvious call to action, and encourage your speaker to promote among their network.

3. Create Hashtags

Prior to a webinar, start using an event-specific hashtag to promote the event. This is a great way to build up excitement among attendees and to encourage discussion around the upcoming webinar. Remember, you have limited real estate when it comes to tweeting, so keep hashtags short to make it easier for others to tweet and retweet.

4. Promote in Applicable LinkedIn Groups

Promoting your webinar among applicable LinkedIn groups introduces you to an audience that already has an interest in your webinar topic and will be anxious to learn more. Targeted promotions like these can often drive more qualified traffic to your registration landing page.

5. Include in Newsletters and Email Blasts

Another great way to gain exposure for your webinar is to promote it in your company newsletter or relevant email blasts. Your clients and prospects will often be the audience that’s most interested in the content you have to offer.

6. Add to Email Signatures

While it’s fairly common to promote a webinar via email, most people don’t realize how powerful the email signature line can be. If you interface with clients, prospects, or industry folk, consider adding a call to action to your email signature to encourage webinar registration.

7. Encourage Your Sales Team to Promote to Prospects

Your sales reps normally have a good idea of what their prospects are interested in. Whenever you have any webinars on the horizon, send a quick email to the sales team and have them contact any prospects who they think would be interested.

8. Send Pre-Written Tweets to Partners

When it comes to webinar promotion, take advantage of your partner or affiliate networks. Compose pre-written tweets to send to your partners so that promoting your webinar involves minimal effort on their part.

9. Use Your Social Images

If you’re looking for additional ways to promote, you can also change your social profile images (like your Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ cover images) to advertise the upcoming webinar. When anyone visits your social sites, it will be hard for them to miss!

What other ways have you promoted webinars? Let us know in the comments!

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7 thoughts on “9 Creative Ways to Promote Webinars

  • Had a blast presenting at Elevate last year! And I’m always happy when someone can take info and turn it into new content! Nice work on the post – we’ll see you all again at the Exact Target show this year 🙂

  • We are in the process of starting a webinar as part of our marketing mix-your article ticked all the boxes for us in term of publicity.Thank you for sharing.

  • Thanks for these great ideas. I plan to use some of these. We have a recurring overview webinar and we have a link to it in all our team’s Outlook signatures promoting the event. We also made sure to include the link on their business cards.

  • Thank you for Tip #9! I hadn’t thought about advertising my webinars and other promotions using the profile and cover images. I have seen others do it but it never dawned on me to incorporate it into my own strategy. Thanks!

    • I’m glad you found that tip useful! We’ve done that with several of our webinars in the past and seen great results. Good luck!

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