6 Types of Content You SHOULD Be Creating

Are you ready to dive into content marketing, and maybe even inbound marketing, but don’t know where to start? The possibilities may seem limitless (and therefore intimidating, at first), but you can easily narrow down your options based on the amount of time and resources at your disposal. What works for one marketing department certainly won’t always work for another, so make sure you’re always considering your own goals, needs, and capabilities when deciding which types of content you’d like to pursue.

To get started, take a look at six common types of content below and see if any of them might be a good fit for your content strategy. Each section has a list of accompanying helpful resources if you’d like more information.

Get Blogging

Starting a company blog is a great way to position your business as a thought leader (while also giving your content a nice SEO boost). Your blog can become a wonderful resource to those looking for more information about your industry, which can help build a community around your brand, bring in new prospects, and cultivate a following of brand evangelists. Blogs can require as little or as much time commitment as you like — just make sure you decide on a posting cadence so that your audience knows what to expect.

Generate Leads with White Papers

Creating long-form pieces like white papers along with a company blog allows you to offer higher value content that can be gated behind a form. This gives you the opportunity to deliver a valuable resource to your audience while also collecting lead data to support your demand generation efforts. Having a library of white papers positions your company as a resource to buyers during the buying process (and to current clients who are looking for more information on a topic).

Use Webinars to Educate

If your goal is to position your company as a thought leader, educational webinars are a great way to demonstrate your knowledge of industry trends and best practices. You can also use your webinar program as a lead generation tactic by collecting data from registrants through forms. Just like with blogging, webinars can be as much of a time commitment as you want them to be — just make sure that your expectations on scheduling and execution are clear from the start.

Add Visual Intrigue

Visual content has grown in popularity, and will only continue to grow as the marketplace becomes more crowded with content. Buyers are looking for content that is easy to digest and doesn’t require a large time commitment — and visual content like infographics fit the bill perfectly.

Create “Snackable” Video Content

Video is on the rise, and with video-hosting sites like Wistia, it’s becoming easier than ever to collect lead data and integrate it directly into your CRM. Not only is video good for lead generation, it’s also a great way to connect with buyers and current clients on a more personal level (think product demonstrations, training videos, and more). Not to mention the fact that videos are one of the easiest types of content to digest — just sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

Gain Street Cred with Case Studies

Case studies show potential buyers exactly how others are using your product or service to their benefit, and since they’re conducted with client approval, they carry much more weight than the generic marketing copy that covers your website. This makes case studies an extremely valuable piece of collateral for your sales team, and one that shouldn’t be overlooked. Tap into your brand evangelists to see who might be willing to participate in a case study, and see if you can get a write-up or video testimonials that you can feature on your website.

Choose the types of content from the list above that best match your goals and resources, and don’t be afraid to branch out and try new things! If you’d like more information on how content marketing plays into inbound marketing, or how marketing automation can help, check out our newest white paper, Inbound Marketing & Automation.

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