6 Tips for a Breakthrough Blog Post [Tip Sheet]


Content marketing has officially taken over the marketing industry, evolving the way that marketers engage and interact with their customers. Simply blasting marketing messages at consumers is no longer an effective or acceptable marketing tactic. Creating real value for customers in the form of insightful and engaging content has become one of the most effective ways to create and sustain relationships with consumers.

However, the shift to content is not always an easy one. Creating quality content requires time and resources that few overworked marketing departments can spare. Despite the initial challenges, marketing departments can make content creation a part of their daily routines, maximizing impact and minimizing the time and resources required. So where is the best place to start? Your company blog. Blogging is nothing new, but has only begun to pick up steam as a marketing strategy in the past few years. Business are catching on to the inherent benefits of blogging and for a company looking to beef up their content reserves, a company blog is the perfect place to start.

Create Content That Breaks Through

Unfortunately, you are not the only one to catch on to the value that blogging can provide. A recent study by eMarketer shows a strong rise in the number of companies entering the blogosphere. Their study predicts 43% of companies started blogging by 2012. How do you go about competing with such a crowded blogosphere?

The good news for you (not so much for consumers) is that a large majority of the content out there isn’t great. Few marketers take the time to craft truly breakthrough content, opting for faster and less detailed pieces that flood the marketplace. By keeping your posts’ most important aspects in mind and focusing on providing value to your readers, you can easily create content that will shine through the rest and reach your customers.

The tip sheet included below will walk you through the important areas of your blog posts where you can set yourself apart from the competition and create great content.