6 Creative Ideas for Your Next Webinar Series

Webinars are one of our favorite content marketing tactics at Pardot, and for good reason. For businesses looking to expand thought leadership within their industry, webinars are a cost-effective method to reach both prospects and clients. Plus, you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your chair!

But with limited time and resources at your disposal, planning your first webinar series can seem quite daunting. With speakers to line up, topics to brainstorm, registrations to plan, and webinar promotions to handle, where do you even begin?

Luckily, when it comes to brainstorming topics, we’ve got your back. If you’re trying to think of some ideas for your first webinar series (or maybe you’ve done webinars before, but are looking for a fresh new topic to cover), check out the list of ideas below. Don’t forget to consult our Webinar Handbook for some additional insight into the full planning and promotion process!

1. Host a case study webinar series. Talk to some of your clients to see if they would be interested in sharing their stories in a brief webinar series. Your webinar attendees will be interested in hearing how other clients are using your product or service, as well as any tips or advice that they have to offer.

2. Conduct a short-but-sweet “how-to” series. People are always interested in hearing tips on how they can do things better. Focus on covering a different topic with each webinar, such as “How to Build a Landing Page That Converts” followed by “How to Qualify a Lead in 60 Seconds” a few weeks later.

3. Invite partners, clients, or other influential members of your industry to host a webinar with you. Let them speak to issues that your audience will find interesting and relevant. Bringing in a third party to help with your webinar efforts can also bring in new listeners who might never have heard of your product or service…until now.

4. Host a weekly or monthly Q&A session with your users. Have them send in questions beforehand that you can answer on air, and leave a little bit of time at the end for additional questions. Spending this extra time with your user base will show them that you’re willing to invest in their success.

5. Host online trainings. Your users will also find a lot of value in a webinar series that focuses specifically on training. Schedule recurring monthly trainings that focus on different topics relevant to your product, and be sure to leave extra time for questions at the end.

6. Conduct webinars leading up to an event. If you’ll be attending or sponsoring an important industry event or trade show, host a webinar series focused on related topics to generate hype leading up to the event. Consider giving away prizes to users who attend 75% of the webinars in the series and bring proof of their attendance to the event, or try ending each webinar with a trivia question that will only be answered during your company’s speaking session.

These are just a few ideas to get you thinking about your next webinar series. Want more webinar tips? Check out our full handbook on the subject here.

As always, let us know if you have any additional ideas in the comments!