6 Content Campaigns We Love

One of the top ways to engage with your customers is through content, and the companies that we’re going to explore in this article are doing it right. From B2B to B2C, the companies below have taken an innovative approach to reaching their target audiences through content. Take a look, and see if you get any ideas for some cool content campaigns of your own!

4 B2B Content Campaigns

Since we have a soft spot for B2B companies, let’s start with some B2B content campaigns that have really caught our eye. A common theme to look for in each of these: don’t take yourself too seriously.

Vidyard’s Tale of Two Marketers

We’ve talked about the benefits of approaching content marketing like you would approach storytelling, and Vidyard takes this one step further with their Tale of Two Marketers video. The video (quite literally) takes a storytelling format, with a poetic narration, and describes the work styles of two very different marketers. To complete the experience, Vidyard offers a case study about “Sue the Strategist” and an area for visitors to submit their own marketing tales.

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Wistia’s Non Sequitur Blog Series

On Fridays, the Wistia team strays from their normal best practices-focused content to post an article in their Non-Sequitur Blog series. These are articles written by various Wistia employees about things they’re passionate about — and most of them aren’t business-related (think rock climbing, running, and even enchiladas). The break from business is a fun and refreshing way to keep blog visitors engaged with their company, and most importantly, their people.

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Organik SEO’s Take on Pinterest

While many B2B companies have dismissed Pinterest as an outlet worthy of only a B2C marketer’s attention, companies like Organik SEO have embraced Pinterest as another way to educate their audience and show off their company culture. Check out any of their 42 Pinterest boards for best practices information, infographics, craft ideas, tips for going green, office shots, and…eggs?

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Velocity’s CRAP SlideShare

Okay, I didn’t mean it like that. Last year, Velocity Partners released a SlideShare presentation titled “CRAP: Why the single biggest threat to content marketing is content marketing.” The presentation has reached almost half a million views, and includes short quips along the way to keep viewers entertained. You can check it out below.


2 B2C Content Campaigns

While we’re here to offer up B2B best practices, there’s nothing wrong with getting ideas from some of our B2C cousins. Take a look at some recent B2C content campaigns and start thinking about how similar tactics can be implemented within a B2B content strategy.

Volkswagen’s “Unlaunch” Ad

We’ve seen advertisements that promote new products, but this ad does exactly the opposite: it announces the “unlaunch” of the long-loved VW bus, “soon at no dealerships near you.” Volkswagen pays homage to the iconic car through this ad, and encourages their audience to visit the company’s website to share their stories and memories.


Metro Train’s Dumb Ways to Die Campaign

Metro Trains in Melbourne launched a public awareness campaign called “Dumb Ways to Die.” The interactive microsite takes a lighthearted approach to a serious subject, and encourages viewers to make a safety pledge while they’re on the site. Interactive microsites have turned into one of the more engaging ways to reach your audience, for both B2C and B2B marketers alike.

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